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Hi [email protected]'s

Mr Flippant is dead right on the lane-length equality not being important.

Club-racer types may disagree on that one though.

I haven't bothered with equal lane length AT ALL for 10 years, it makes NO SENSE !!!

As a kid they tell you, that's how it should be, NONSENSE.

My current MRW Motor Speedway circuit has lanes of 15m & 14.5m, quite a difference !
Now tell me which lane is quicker ?
The longer one by 2 or 3 tenths per lap.

I would concentrate on the compounding of the corners, as Mr Flippant says, & not pay ANY attention to lane length at all.



You have the basis of an exellent plan.
When it comes to a 'corner', try & make it 'do one thing' not 'EVERYTHING at once'.

Hope that makes sense.
Look at the corner layouts & transitions of classic old-school race tracks.
Copy them, compress them a little, & you get good ideas for corner arrangements.
Thats what I do anyhow.
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