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In the 60s, fiberglas bodies were common. Simply, the resins of the time were unable to actually survive ANYTHING, they would shatter like glass. So, builders would put a layer of glas mat in the mold to help with strength.

I have fibreglas bodies that have been in use as slot cars since 63 that still Do the job.

One of my earliest cars(I don't remember precisely WHEN I did it), originally was a motor scavaged from a wrecked locomotive and put in a Merit Plastic 1/24 shelf body. That body shattered(old plastic also does that) sometime in the mid 60s. The car languished for a long time. Until a friend gave me a copy of a Merit Maseriti in fibreglas.

Modern resin bodies are a LOT tougher than the old ones. I have found them to be at least as survivable as converting a normal shelf model to a slot car. And a LOT MORE durable than any vac body I have used.

You do yourself a favor if you reinforce potential trouble areas. I simply use epoxy and cloth tape. Along seams, and with any part that might be vulnerable.



What do you want, a car you used and used up, or a car some archeologist digs up in a dump in 5000 years?

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