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I would go for the Parma 60 Ohm economy controller,and keep the power supply standard. The controller has a brake that can be wired into circuit if you wish.The brake stops the car quickly when the throttle is released.As far as I know the Scalex controller is also 60ohm but has no brake.
I have wired a switch in series with the brake wire which allows me to race with brakes or without brakes..sounds dangerous but it is dependant on the car.Scalex cars with strong magnets do not normally require a brake to slow down quickly.

I find Parma to be reliable and sturdy and if they do need repairing it is quite easy as the controller is simple to disassemble and reassemble.The resistor barrel can also be changed with one of a another value.
The way I understand it is that lower values of resistor barrels(45 Ohm,25Ohm etc) are meant for use on larger layouts with longer straights
Bryan in SA
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