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Please help me!

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In my travels between multiple slot car websites, I found these little Fiat's and these 2 Dakar type vehicles. I have journeyed back and forth to find their makers but without any sucsess.
Can anyone throw some light on the subject for me please and where I could possibly obtain them
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If you remove everything on your links AFTER the 1-4-4 part and add .jpg they will work fine. To post the pictures directly to the page just paste the altered URL into the box that comes up when you click on the IMG button.

Also SCX only did Seat 600 or Abarth 1000 not Fiat 500. Totally different cars i.e. 500 is two cylinder air- cooled, 600/1000 4-cyl, water-cooled. I could go into greater detail, but my anorak is in the wash

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