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Please help me!

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In my travels between multiple slot car websites, I found these little Fiat's and these 2 Dakar type vehicles. I have journeyed back and forth to find their makers but without any sucsess.
Can anyone throw some light on the subject for me please and where I could possibly obtain them
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Thanks for trying, that link is giving me the sh.ts aswell, however, not being all that computer literate, I dont know how to put the pics on the message without the link.

Thank you for that, my friends and I have been searching high and low for them. All I have to do now is decide which body part I can sell to pay for one?

Thank's Kenny, that's where I saw them!

I had a hunch they might be that, I looked thru the hobby shop the other day thinking they might be seeing as no-one here knew what they were. Thank you for that, you have saved me a lot of agro!

I thought they did aswell, but I cant seem to find one from them. Thank you though.

Thanks all for your replies.
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Mr M,

Thank you very much for you input with the URL, I've edited my original post and it's working fine now I hope

Thanks also about the SCX Fiat's, I thought what you had to say was correct, however it's always good to be reassured.

Big Al.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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