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This is a how-to thread to convert the 2023 release Scalextric Lotus 99T into a Policar racer.

It will NOT help convert the older, original Scalextric Lotus 99T.

The chassis can be purchased here:

You will also need:

1. A Donor Scalextric Car (e.g. C4251)

2. A Policar 'wide' style gearbox (e.g. PCH03-51z17).

3. You will also need some rear wheels and tyres.

There are several combinations. The design diameter of the finished tyre is around 19.5-20mm although 20.5-21mm will also work.

Two examples:

NSR wheels 5026 with NSR tyres 5285 (19.5x13mm Ultragrip)

Pendle Slot racing wheels PCS-32131114 with Pendle Slot racing tyres PCS-321413t (21mm diameter until trued and glued)

4. A Guide - I recommend SICH85 from

5. Braid and wire are free choice.

The Build Process:

Unscrew the body from the chassis and discard / recycle the whole chassis. Retain the body screws for reuse.

Pull off the rear wing vertically from the chassis. Mine appeared to have a little glue applied but it pulled out with a little coaxing!

Toy Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design

The above photo shows the main components prior to assembly.

Finger Bumper Bicycle part Tool Fashion accessory

Due to the extremelly narrow position of the scalextric rear screw mounting posts the sides of the motor mount need to be trimmed back completely flat on both sides as shown. Obviously don't cut off the outrigged mounting points.

Wood Motor vehicle Toy Automotive exterior Automotive design

Take the chassis and mount the motor mount into it with minimum 3 screws. Ensure everything fits flat and square.

Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory Electronic instrument Gadget Bumper

Now is a good time to add the guide, braid and wire. the above photo shows the underside although you won't have the body on yet. The motor mount is designed to sit 0.5mm below the bottom of the chassis.

Flip the body over and trim out the underside of the driver and the bulkhead as shown below. You will need to cut out all of the driver's mounting area. I simply glued the driver's hands to the steering wheel and let that dry before cutting the mounting area out. My driver is therefore only held in by his hands but that seems to work well.

Tire Hood Vehicle Tread Motor vehicle

Offer up the chassis until it all fits flat together without pushing the driver upwards.

Cutting mat Engineering Toy Motor vehicle Wood

Screw the body on once it all dry fits flat and push the rear wing down into its housing.

The chassis should either be purchased black or painted in a matt or semi-matt black colour.

Enjoy to race this beautiful car!


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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Car


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