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A Villeneuve 126 C2 will always sell big time.
Very happy to see this being produced. Have the beautiful George Turner version but happy to see more.
Notice on the video that there are front wing options. Wonder if they will put out a single rear wing and not just the
Long Beach double 'disqualification' special.

Further to that I wonder if there will be a late season version with the revised body work
around the nose and front suspension (Pironi/Tambay/Andretti). Bit more involved than just putting on a new nose
like on their 312 Ickx/Reggazoni options but an option I guess.

Early days I know but will be getting my pre order in as soon as.

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The BRM and 512M look like winners. That Sunoco beast is iconic even to a 70's baby like me.
But I was also intrigued by the mention of more cars coming from the same era as the 126 C2....
Digressing but. Somebody please do a Lotus 91. From what I have read on here forum
I consider it a 'lost' model after the tragic loss of one of this community's leading lights a while back.

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I do have an old Polistil/Policar Ferrari 126 C from way back when
but have to agree a new version would be a very good shout.
Said my piece on the Lotus 91.
83 Ferrari? Which would everyone go for. A C2b or a C3? As long as it is Tambay's 27 car I would be happy!
I know its all speculation and wish list stuff but surely someone relevant watches the posts, no?

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Only my thoughts on this. I do think the picture in the early post touched a few nerves. Even I winced.
Don't think there is much wrong with a Villeneuve C2.
Was he an out and out winner? Not always.
Was he one of the hardest chargers out there in a car that wasn't all that cop. Yes.
Don't think there is much wrong in celebrating that.
Car in the Zolder Livery. No thanks.
Rindt Hockenheim 70 Lotus when won after racing Ickx so hard.. Yup. Monza livery. Nah.
Peterson Lotus 79 from Austria 78 wet weather master class?. Yup. Lotus 78 from Monza. Nope.
Some might suggest I am splitting a fine hair here but these were my racing heroes when I was a boy.
I cherish the memories of how they made me feel watching them race, and reflect on their sad loss.



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With the recent release of the pictures of the Pironi Long Beach spec 126 c2,
and the Villeneuve version on my pre order scope,
I came back to look at this thread again.

Am in so much agreement with 'Filipinetti' and 'Grunpy Gaz'.
More 1982 cars please!
Have to admit I would love to see the late season Tambay and Andretti versions done as well.
Talking to the chaps from Slot It at the Gaydon gig, they did hint at those coming in future.

But such an evocative list of cars.
I did see and acquired shells of the Alfa 182.
Am waiting for the 126 C2 chassis and bitz to become available
so see if usable as a base for the finished build.
There is another '82 car that I think will feature in the scratch build section soon.
But a Lotus 91, that lovely Osella, the championship winning Williams
(had a close look at changing a 1983 Fly 08 into an 82 runner. maybe),
and the thought of a Ligier from that year. Oh yes please.
I know Nonno slot did their thing but missed that boat and not sure about
the vac form finish.

Watched that Ligier run at Brands in 82 at the pre GP tire test. It was so long
the rear sparked and ground out at the bottom of Paddock as the tarmac changed
from drop to climb. It momentarily picked the rears up off the track!
Think a hacksaw took care of that issue......

It is a valid point that Ligiers from that period are so under represented in the model world.
Even at the popular 1/43rd scale you do not see many.
Least the 1/24 paper model crowd embraced them but not the JS19 that I can see.

As I write this I recall the Toleman. End of season car would be a relatively easy one to
scratch out. But the troublesome 'Flying Pig'? Now that would be more than niche......

Oh yeah. The Renault's. Musn't forget those. Maybe we can get some flame effects in
coming off the turbos and the exhausts. That is what I recall most about those!

Hope everyone has a good day watching all the action on TV today
or more importantly, being out and about at a track watch it all up close and personal.

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In response to Gaz's suggestions.

1983 eh?
Don't see many of those.
Never did see the muted 'Senna collection' Brabham or McLaren from that year
which is a real shame.

The 1983 Toleman? Have to admit. That is on the build list. Be a while but always liked that one.....

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Back to this one but just a quickie.
Took a not all together correctly cast shell and sorted out something to run 'against' the Ferrari
when it comes out. No plans to work from. It is not totally accurate but it is a bit of fun.
Just finishing up the policar chassis bitz to go under it all.
Blimey. It is so ugly....... Oh. Shoulda said. Its the 1982 Toleman. Well. Meant to be!

Cutting mat Vehicle Boat Race car Toy

Maybe it should be in the scratch build section but relevant to the Ferrari and 1982 runners which I do
hope to see more of to go with the 126 C2 and the Alfa and March creations I have seen out there.
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