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Mmm I never saw Villenueve racing, just whats available at YT and some ocasional programs on tv, anyway I have heard and read that if Senna didn't existed, his place would be ocupied by Gilles, so he should't have been a bad guy and pilot. I like his F1 Cars and the one being released anytime soon will be in my list. 🙂
As someone old enough to remember this time I think to try and compare Villenueve to Senna is quite a stretch. A good driver but no Senna IMO but then I think Jim Clark was the best of the lot we all have are hero's. As for the cars from the 60's , 70's & 80's I am all for them unfortunately during that time safety was not high on the list, also we would have no Le Mans cars from that era as again to many drivers lost their lives. Regards Greg
PS best looking car for me JPS LOTUS 72
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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