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Policar GP UK Slot Festival 2020

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I have enormous pleasure in inviting entries for the 3rd running of the Policar Grand Prix UK, to be run at the UK Slot Festival, on 16-17 May 2020.

venue address:

British Motor Museum
Banbury Road
CV35 0BJ

For those interested in real cars the entry fee to the slot car event is effectively a museum ticket so leave time over the weekend to see the real cars downstairs.

This event will be sponsored by POLICAR and follows the extremely fun and successful races of the last two years.

This event will be run as a single driver GP for RTR cars on the Sunday and a single driver GP for scratchbuilt / kit bash / conversions / cottage industry manufacturers with a Policar gearbox/motor pod on the Saturday. I will call this second race CSCRA as it will be raced under those regulations.

Drivers are encouraged to enter both events (with different cars of course).

RTR race rules have been slightly updated so please read them all carefully, don't assume they are exactly as last year.

Sunday RTR race:
Model Specifications:
Any RTR Policar (modern, excludes vintage Policar) F1 car.

All standard liveries accepted. By the time of the race the released cars should be:
Lotus 72C Gold Leaf Jochen Rindt Hockenheim 1970
Lotus 72C Bob Walker Graham Hill Oulton Park 1971
Lotus 72D JPS Emerson Fittipaldi Monaco 1972
Lotus 72D Lucky Strike Dave Charlton Brands Hatch 1972
Lotus 72D Embassy South African Championship 1975
March 701 STP Chris Amon Belgium 1970
March 701 Tyrrell Jackie Stewart Jarama 1970
March 701 Colin Crabb Racing Ronnie Peterson Monaco 1970
March 701 No.26 Monza GP Jean Pierre Jarie 1971
Ferrari 312B2 Dutch GP Jacky Ickx 1971

All custom liveries accepted provided they represent a real car in a real race. Evidence may be requested of particularly obscure liveries.

Cars must pass scrutineering and enter Parc Ferme with all original body parts attached. It is accepted that some vulnerable parts may drop off during practice and racing. Main wings should all be in place at the start of racing. I.e. If you lose a wing, glue it on for the racing!

Wheels and Tyres;
Front wheels and tyres must be those that the model came with / exact replacements.
Rear wheels can be the plastic originals or the standard Policar replacement part PWH1234-AL . (See rear track note below).
Rear tyres will be hand out at the race F22 compound slicks. Entry price includes one set of rear tyres.
No gooping, gluing or truing or other tyre treatments will be permitted. Cleaning permitted using tape only, no liquids permitted.

Wheel inserts
All cars must have correct front and rear wheel inserts in plastic, resin, metal or wood. No paper or cardboard!

No modifications are allowed to the RTR except:

Addition of weight:
- at the front INSIDE the body ONLY
- at the rear may be placed outside the body provided it cannot be seen from above (without rear wing in place)
Further notes on weight.
I don't want to see it, is the concept of the rule. So in the front it has to be inside. To help I would say the front extends to the back of the body, where the side pods end / the line of the radiators. So the front encompasses most of the middle too. At the rear one simply can't put weight inside so I am allowing it outside but it must be under the motor pod so as not to be seen from above if you remove the rear wing. Of course we won't be removing the rear wing to check but common sense should prevail here so that if you flip the car over any visible weight should not protrude outside the silhouette of the motor pod.

There is no maximum weight.

Putting the weight outside at the rear could cause issues with ground clearance. I have not specified the clearnace since with hand out tyres on standard diameter wheels the clearance should not be an issue. If the car scrapes it is unilkely to help good handling.

May not be modified in any way.

Track (measured centre line to centre line of wheel)
Front as standard RTR
Rear max 50mm
Please note that the track on the RTR car as sold may vary and should be adjusted to ensure it complies with the dimension above.

Gluing / Float
Parts may be glued and clearance for float may be achieved provided the other rules are adhered to.
Any loose screws must be glued / blu-taked or taped in.

Revert to the rule about standard configuration. NO deep wood guides. The reason is simply to ensure a level playing field and people to really use a truly RTR without being off the pace.

Braid and motor wire (but not motor) are free choice. The resistor may be removed.

Front tyres.
The rules clearly state the original tyres must be used up front and that no additives can be applied. The original tyres means in their original state with clear grip tread showing and NO GLAZE. I think glazing front tyres completely spoils the aesthetic of these open wheel cars.

Further on rules etc. several people have approached me asking about certain modifications:

These are my principles:

1. Front Wings
People are rightly pointing out that these can suffer:
Strengthening underneath is allowed. The 2018 thread with the same title as this one has a photo of an example that is allowed.

The last two years race experience have shown this is not an issue.

2. Bodywork mods for different liveries.
In the rules I welcomed different liveries. People have pointed out these sometimes mean different bodywork.
I will allow these modifications provided they are real attempts to copy an original car and not just hacking things up for advantage.
I suggest anyone doing this should PM me if they wish to keep it private or post it here so everyone can see it ahead of the day.

Saturday CSCRA race with Policar Gearbox:

Please refer to website for general rules if preparing cars for this race.

Last year running three classes meant that some classes had too few entrants for close racing. I have therefore decided to rotate years and classes and will in time also run some 1960's classes.

This year I will run CSCRA class GP6 1971-1977 as there are more cars available in this class for easy conversion / cottage industry suppliers. However I will also allow 1970 cars to enter this class under the same GP6 rules in order to cast the net as wide as possible.

Wood guides are not viable for the Policar track.

Nonnoslot, (Lukas Scupak) and other hand built small industry providers' cars are allowed. They must however comply with the rest of the CSCRA rules which may require car modification.

Policar RTR cars WILL NOT be accepted in the Saturday racing.

Modern Scalextric / Fly / SRC bodies will be allowed either with aftermarket or scratch built chassis (ARCO Shapeways route).

Full scratchbuilt cars with Policar gearboxes are encouraged and the amount/quality of scratchbuilding will be important in judging concourse.

Separate awards will be given in each class (provided there are enough entries-we will know before the event!).

Opening Times.
Saturday 18th May UKSF opens at 11:00am and closes at 17.30pm.
I have kept the format similar to last year with less classes:

CSCRA only practice 11:00-12:30

CSCRA scrutineering 12:00-12:30 (maximum 16 entries, 3 minute heats)
CSCRA concourse 12:00-12:30

GP6 Heats 12:30-14:00

Step up finals 14:00-14:45

CSCRA Prize giving 14:45
RTR Practice 15:00-17:30

Sunday 20th May (heats and ladder final) UKSF opens at 10am and closes at 16:30pm.
Practice 10:00-12:00
Scrutineering and set up 11:30-12:00
Heats 12:00-14:30 (30x4/4 x 3 mins = 90 mins actual racing, 2 minute change overs = 30x5 =150 mins)
Ladder Final 14:30-15:30 (30/4 x 4 mins = 30 mins racing, 2 minutes change overs = 45mins plus 25% for drivers step up = 60 mins
Prize Giving 15:30

All models will be inspected for compliance with the regulations.

Race Format
Heats (3 mins) and set laps ladder finals. Finalised, once number of entries are known.
Track Voltage 12 volts.
Track will be segmental plastic POLICAR new track. Track format to be as last year with the double curve sorted out!

During the day the entrants will be expected to marshall the two heats / finals following their own heat / final in order to make a fair contribution by everyone. Waiting for marshals is one of the most time consuming things on race day so please help by adhering to this principle.

Trophies and Prizes;
1st 2nd 3rd in Racing on both days.
Concourse for the CSCRA class.

Prizes from the Event sponsor Policar, many thanks to Maurizio.
Trophies provided from the entry fees.

Entry Details:
Entry fee. This is set at £7.50 for one day £10 for both (that's called encouragement). Each entrant will also need to gain entry to the UKSF event by payment to the museum. The idea is that there should be time to enjoy the show whilst doing some racing!

One entry per person per day. (Second entries to the CSCRA event may be considered depending on numbers so bring some extra cars....).

Entry must be registered on this thread and the fee must be paid by February 28th 2020. Until payment is received your entry will be provisional only and not confirmed.

If there are spaces left on the day entries 'may' be accepted. Entry on the day is set at £10.

The intention is to run a successful and professional race and therefore we need to have close to guaranteed numbers so please take the pre-registry route where possible.

Payment by cheque, or paypal. Cheques payable to "Andrew Rowland", paypal to [email protected]

Send cheques to;
Andrew Rowland, 7 Manor Park, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1XZ, UK.


If 16(CSCRA) & 30(RTR) paid entries are received, entry will then be closed, but we will start a reserve list.
I will publish a list of paid entries received to date from time to time. Please check this for inaccuracies.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

As some of you will realise there are a growing number of clubs racing these cars as a class and a growing number of clubs interested in a national chamionships across 2020-2021. It is likely therefore that next year we would run this race as a national final, or at least include a national final points system (and trophies) for those drivers who had accumulated points across the year.

Kind Regards,
Andi Rowland
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Hi Andi

Count me in for the CSCRA race. I'm not sure what I'll enter but it will be a full scratch build with one of my own self-carved bodies. I may enter the RTR race so at the moment count me as a reserve for that. Entry fee to be sent shortly via PayPal.

Best Regards

"sent £10.00 GBP to Andrew Rowland"
Alan wilkinson
Bang goes me racing my Lotus 25B on the Saturday as you've changed the class...

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For Saturday CSCRA. Could we please have entries for Jonathon Newns and myself.

Mike Newns
Hi Andi,

Entry for me on both days please. I'll help Friday evening if required.

I'll Paypal the £10 to you.

Policar will take preference, but I may also be trying to take in the Thunderslot racing over the weekend.

Hi Andi,

Entry for both days please - will put cheque in the post today - like Jeff I am very happy to help out over the weekend if needed - your rule tweaks for 2020 seem spot on to me - so looking forward to the event already...and collecting my new Policar home track set later today from Pendle...I was so impressed with the track we raced on last year that I have gone and bought some to help me set up all my CSCRA slot cars.


For the avoidance of doubt: in 2020 Saturday is 16 May and Sunday is 17 May...
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Hi Andi,

Thinking of giving this a go this year, just have a couple of questions?

  • Could you confirm the legality of the use the different rear axles/gear ratios in the RTR and CSCRA classes.
  • Confirm the use of the updated March chassis on the older models where they were not standard in the RTR class.

Finally, I have a couple of reliveries, are any of these OK to run?




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Hi Andy,
I will send eBay payment of £10 to cover both days.

In the CSCRA event
Do you need to run the Concours entered car in the track race or could you enter one car for the Concours competition and use another for the racing?
I may also be trying to take in the Thunderslot racing over the weekend.
I'll be trying to rush between Policar and ThunderSlot too.
Hello and thanks everyone so far. A great start!

David: apologies!!

James: I'm going to allow the different ratios even though on reflection letting these in was a mistake as it is against rules being used in other Policar GP. This is likely to be the last year this is allowed.
Updated March chassis is fine in older bodies.
Unfortunately your two fantasy liveries are not legal.

Graham: yes the concourse car needs to be raced.

No problem people doing two races but I do insist on two heats after each race heat being Marshalled, otherwise chaos will ensue. So think carefully before commiting to both.

Best wishes
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Hi Andi,

entry for both days,please, payment per paypal. I`m looking forward with great excitment racing together with you guys,having a fantastic time.

My car for Saturday will be a March 711 with Ronny Peterson.

Can give you support in building up the track on Friday.

See you in Gaydon.


Peter Hartmann
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James: I'm going to allow the different ratios even though on reflection letting these in was a mistake as it is against rules being used in other Policar GP. This is likely to be the last year this is allowed.
Updated March chassis is fine in older bodies.
Unfortunately your two fantasy liveries are not legal.
Thanks for the update, I know the different gear ratios had been discussed for other similar events so just wanted to make sure.

They aren't fantasy liveries as such, just tried to adapt other teams to try and fit on the Lotus body (though the McLaren papaya didn't come out as expected!). Plus with the allowing of body modifications on the RTR class to represent other manufacturers/liveries allowed I thought I'd check.

As these are (currently) the only two cars I have, I'll have to pass on this one.

Hi Andi, a Sunday entry for me please mate. I'll Paypal you soon.

I would like an entry on both days please and so does Chris Pomeroy.

Paypal sent
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