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Hi all.
I hope someone out there can help me !!
I'm starting my first re-paint. Scoured the forum, got all the stripping, masking , painting info that I could read. My first attempt is to make a BMW Police car. I purchased a Ford Focus police car from Fleabay, that had a broken body shell but the flashing lights & siren still worked. My hope is that I can use all the gubbings from the Focus, lights, motor etc, straight into the newer shape Beamer.

I then bought the roof bar and roof light for the Range rover Police car from Slot Car City.

I was hoping that it came with the wires attached, but it did'nt

So, my question is, can anybody tell me in what positions, from left - right, the Red, Yellow & Black wires go, as you look at the PCB board?

Thanks in advance, Jon
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