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Hello everybody,

Seeing as no one else has yet owned up to it,

I bought a scaley focus police car

Std wrc focus chassis & shell
blacked out windows and an interior packed with electronics
headlights and blues on roof flash alternately both left lights then both right
seems very shy on the brakes.

nicely done but the noise will drive you insane!!!

I have a 7 yr old son who will appreciate it anyway.



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Tell us how it sounds then as I was thinking of getting that for the novelty value.

Using the volume control on your PC with mute being 0 and maximum being 10, how loud would you say it rates? We can then all set out PC volume control to find out for ourselves.

In other words is the sound going to bring the walls crashing down Jericho style?

And will the "teenage slot carnage" mob around "Moped Towers" do a quick exit when they mistake the sound of the Scalextric cop car for the real thing?

They must have some guilt complex about something. All teenagers do don't they?

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