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polishing resin

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hi all,

my first post in this area, and i need some help.

i am currently making a set of porsche 914-6 GT cars, which are all based on an old carrera 914 body. so far i have remodelled the bumpers for oil cooler intakes etc, got rid of the clunky removable roof and replaced it with a permanent, and of course added the flared GT wheelarches.

the original body was by no means perfect (its taken weeks just to correct the distortion) and my latest model which is to be the final 'master' has some surface scratches and blemishes.

what do i use to polish these out before the final mold is made?

thanks in advance

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I prime and then sand mine with 2000 grit. Afterwards, I polish it out with Novus - any polish will do. Here's a picture of my Camaro before going into the mold stage. Shines better than my 1:1 car...

Hope that helps, and I'd love to see the finished product!
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