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Polistil Pit lane turn outs?

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For sale on ebay

Browsing eBay for weird stff, I came across this. Anyone know anything about Polistil track? I've heard of their cars but never come across a track system.

Big question, is it still available new and is it compatible with any other track system? (Ooops thats two questions.........)


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I am almost certain that it's no longer available new.
However, it is available second hand if you look hard enough and seems to be rather popular with some mainland European sites.
The one SF person that I KNOW has definitely used Polistil is our own Grah1 and I am fairly sure that Biberle has some good detailed knowledge of this track system too.
Another knowledgeable chap is Maurizio Ferrari of (yes, the famous slot manufacturer boss) and I would guess that other Italian members might well have some experience and insight too.
I should have said this earlier.
Our Slot Forum Search facility is hugely more effective than the old EZ Boards.
You cn easily find all Polistil references on the whole board by setting the search to ALL forums and typing in Polistil. You will quickly find everything that we have.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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