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polymorph - mouldable plastic

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Has anyone tried Polymorph mouldable plastic to make bits for cars ?
Im going to use it to make strengtheners for 1/24 kit conversions, for which it should be perfect ...
any input appreciated from all you scratch builders out there.

heres a pdf describing what it is and what it can do
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oh my, i want some of this, a girl i know bought some realistic vampire fangs for a fancy dress etc which you mould to your teeth using this stuff, then trim it acording with a blade, it dries quite hard depending on the thickness of course, and its real beauty is, if you do a mistake, just reheat or soak it and voila, back to a mouldable consistency again. i did'nt know you could buy it off the shelf, this will be great for building bodywork with practice, as said earlier, its surface is very smooth so after filling rough, superglue all the way for me, thanks for posting it...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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