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polymorph - mouldable plastic

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Has anyone tried Polymorph mouldable plastic to make bits for cars ?
Im going to use it to make strengtheners for 1/24 kit conversions, for which it should be perfect ...
any input appreciated from all you scratch builders out there.

heres a pdf describing what it is and what it can do
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Will let you know how i get on .. should get in in a day or 2
try this on utube, really good basic instructions

totally agree with the boiling water thing , keep dipping it to keep it pliable, and put it in to small bits when youre done so you can remould the left overs.

all ive made are some plastic blocks for body mounting on a 1/24 plastic body kit.... will see how it goes.

I has a nylon feel .. so not sure how well it react to glueing with plastic glue or super glue.

to cool it ... chuck in the fridge for an hour or so.

when you cut it with a dremel or file it it is possible that it heats up so goes back to a more flexible state .... so hand saws are probably best for cutting

it has to be cool when you work on it.

looks like it may be good if you want to mould things (in a proper mould)

will update later.
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wont work with plastic kit glue .. too gresy a surface.
Works ok with Superglue.
perfect for my application managed to strengthen body no problem...
Any other experiences to share ?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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