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porsche 718 rsk le mans `58

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hello all,

finished at the -barth/frere- porsche run at le mans in´58.
-ghost-model- ( chris deco, proto-slot ) offers this model. i used a unpainted body for base.
unfortunately the body is a little bit -oversized- to be precisely in scale 1.32 .
more than two millimeters in lenght and width. anyhow they do a fine kit.
the chassis is taken from a -scalextric- minicooper. but some modifications must be done.
lighting system for front/rear as usual from -overdrive-.


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hello all,

thanks for compliments !

@ ferraif40 : the inserts i used were attached the kit. these inserts i built into alu-hubs from the manufacture -brm- size 15/8;
for axles 3.32´(2.38mm) . all tires, soft compound material, size rear 22/7, front 20/

@ frankgoes: there is no very special advice i can gave you. the kit from ghost-model was well prepared. no general problems.
i always try to get kits with unpainted bodys/shells. so i have no problem to do some -modifications- which are often necessary.
all type of paintwork ( primer/filler, color coat and finishing clear layer) i do with cans. all materials for paintwork is acrylic based.
before paint i remove the standard spraynozzle and replace it. i take another spray cap which creates a fine spray fog nearly comparable
to airbrush. i take it from a german special supplier for paintwork uses. ( www. )
however the covering of headlamps with the transparent vac-form elements is always delicate. if there is no bearing along the bodyform
to get a precise position to fix it´s very hard (for me) to do such ajob well. the following picture showes you that type of trimming a shell i like
when i get it directly -out of the box-.

if the shell isn´t prepared like this i try to do it myself. here an example.

with this modifictions i can fix the covering right in position. for bonding i always use a epoxid glue ( 2 components ) transparent
i hope i could explain a little bit my way of doing.


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