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your TSRF chassis looks like it has NSR's Racing Air System front and rear wheels,NSR super light spur aluminum gear and probably NSR axles of which the front one is not made of indipendent front wheels like the original TSRF. This accessories are considered first class by most (except I prefer indipendent front wheels like the original).
The whole set up is sold in Italy with the name "NSR EXtreme" for 72 Euros RTR (no body)and 70 Euros chassis not mounted.

I know all that because I have one (plus a few others 1/32 and 1/24 original TSRF).
I also seem to notice that yours (like my NSR Extreme) came with the motor which is not screwed into the chassis (see the 1st picture, the one of packaging: beside the pinion you see there are 2 holes, they should both have screws). The original TSRF all came (mine at least) with the motor screwed to the chassis. It makes a difference to begin with!
I suggest you thin down the guide pin (I am sure Mr TSRF will explain better perhaps in french) so it wont get stuck at extreme angles on curves.
In any case I found them to be great chassis and amazing motors and with Ortmann's tires on Carrera are unbeatable by any RTR cars available over the counter (with the same pilot).
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