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I'm planning on running one of the Fly "racer" series 911 GT 1s in our '04-'05 winter series* - the one I have came in a less than attractive undecorated color. I have ordered the Mobil decal set from Patto but can't find any photos to guide me in application - Google search didn't yield much. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



*Of our 4 classes, this is the closest to a "development class" - recent Le Mans cars - stock body (no lightening) stock chassis - standard magnet removed - 1 spec magnet allowed to be placed anywhere (but if exposed to the track must be covered by insulating tape - 3/64" ground clearance - any unmodified off-the-shelf can motor of the same format as the original - free choice of gears, axles, bearing and wheels but the wheels must carry inserts per the original or a close approximation thereof.

BTW, the Fly car, as supplied and its set screw fastened alloy wheels notwithstanding, has the worst case of out-ot-round tires that I have ever seen! No matter I bought it for the lightened body and interior.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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