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There are two rally versions of the SCX Porsche 997 GT3 available in Spain. Both lovely. I haven't run my one yet, but imagine it will be right on the money.

The Fly Porsche 911 is a lovely thing to look at. Having the motor in the 'correct' place behind the rear axle means that, non mag, you need to put 10-15g of lead in the nose but the rewards are huge. Absolutely lovely things.

There's also the Fly Racing Porsche 911 , which is a good investment for speed. Inline open can motor with plenty of magnetic pull on the rails, lightweight car - fast!

Ninco... the rally 996 is the 4WD Pirelli 'zero' car I think. It's like most other NC2 cars, only a bit shorter so even wilder on the exit of a corner if you hit the gas early. I haven't tried the 997 as it looks like a bar of soap to me!

There's also the dear old Scalextric Spain/SCX Porsche 911. I had one of these as a kid and it was a cracker. At our club today, one of these little beauts remains one of the fastest cars in our stock SCX rally class. It's not the most accurate model but it's got huge character. I can't wait to find another one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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