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Hey Guys,

today i nearly finished my 1st selfbuild slotcar!

The body is made of an Arii standmodell. I widendth the wheel pants with about 1,5 mm. Closed all additional lights and so on...
The chassi is an Plafit Super 132. I changed the rear axle to a 50 mm one to fit the body. As rim inserts i used trued Ninco 80's BBS rims. I think they look great this way and fit awsome to an old Posche Turbo.

Driver and seat are from Fly. I modelled the driver that he changes the gear while steering the car with the other hand.
As light kit i choose the new light kit. After adding it to my Audi i enjoyed it that much that i bought it again to test it in my selfbuild. And i have to say - i worked fine and looks realy great.
Decals are some DMC and some new Revell ones.
Unfortunetly i used Tamiya paint for the car, cause i forgot the car a day on my workbench and the sun forced some errors on the car's top. Damn...

Better luck next time - and less error's! *hehe*

Ok - on the run now - here some more links to pic's of it (and with the light kit in action...)


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

[edited some typos]

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Thx m8.

I installed a Sakatsu F10 Motor as angelwinder with a Sigma nylon brass pinion with 9 teeths. As the spur i used the 36 teeth nylon one which comes with the Plafit chassis.
The motor ran in 8h @ 4V without gear and 4h @ 4V with gear.

Some additional data of the motor if u're interested in:

Sakatsu F-10 [similar to Plafit Fox and Monza F10]
max. U/min @12V :: 25.500
size (l,w,h) :: 25 x 20,5 x 15,5
weight :: 22g

It has a realy smooth acceleration and is good on the break.

I gonna get my woodtrack next week - then i take a vid and some action pic's of it.
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