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· Allan Wakefield
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A most excellent article Dennis, as usual.
I love these real life articles that give history and meaning to the cars sitting in the slot paddocks.

There is a great review of the Slot.It 956 over at SCI right now, showing what can be achieved without Sponsors breathing down necks.

We will be doing our own review and linking it to both the articles by myself (Igualada Porsches) and Dennis.

We have some truly professional writers putting time in for the Forum right now and I would like to thank them all specifically for their time and input, so..

THANK YOU Dennis, Jeff and Scott ! you are much appreciated

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It's was a funny car, the 956. It looked quite bulky and heavy, but that cutaway reveals the delicate nature of the structure within.

I love cutaways - ex-engineer, you see - and regret that today's publishers are just not interested in reproducing or commissioning them as they did in the 'old days'. Even when we issue them, very few publications use them No wonder the general population has no idea how anything works.


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And one more link to an in-car video from a 956. It shows a cockpit view of a fast lap of Nurburgring as driven and commentated by Derek Bell. As a bonus, Jackie Ickx flies by in another 956 on a qualifying lap. Its 16MB in size and you'll find it here. The link you want is labeled "WMV-Datei mit ZIP gepackt zum Runterladen"

· Russell Sheldon
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It's perhaps worth mentioning that DMC produces a range of 1/32nd scale Porsche 956/962 decals. In the USA, DMC decals can be obtained from Professor Motor and can be seen here.

Patto's also has a nice range of 1/32nd scale waterslide decals.

Studio 27 has a huge range of 1/24th scale decals for both the Porsche 956 and the 962 and these can be ordered from HobbyLink Japan.

Studio 27 1/24 Porsche 956 decals:

1982 Le Mans "Rothmans"
1983 Le Mans "Rothmans"
1986 Le Mans "Rothmans"
1987 Le Mans "Rothmans"
1983 Le Mans "Kenwood"
1984 Le Mans "Kenwood"
1985 Le Mans "Kenwood"
1983 Le Mans "Canon"
1983 Le Mans "Marlboro"
1984 Le Mans "Swap Shop"
1984 Le Mans "Skoal"
1984 Le Mans "New Man"
1985 Le Mans "New Man"
1986 Le Mans "Liqui Moly"
1986 Le Mans "Taka-Q"
1983-1989 JSPC "Advan"
1983 JSPC "Trust"
1984 JSPC "From A"
1984 JSPC "Iseki"
1987 JSPC "Nisseki"
1984 WEC "Italia"
1986 WEC "Spirit of America"

Studio 27 1/24 Porsche 962C decals:

1986-87 Le Mans "Rothmans"
1986 Le Mans "KENWOOD"
1987-88 Le Mans "KENWOOD"
1986 Le Mans "LEYTON HOUSE"
1989 Le Mans "Almeras"
1989 Le Mans "Blaupunkt #7"
1989 Le Mans "KENWOOD"
1989 Le Mans "Italia"
1989 Le Mans "OMRON"
1989 Le Mans "Hydro Aluminum"
1989 Le Mans "Marukatsu"
1990 Le Mans "Marukatsu"
1990 Le Mans "NISSEKI"
1990 Le Mans "Fuji Golf"
1990 Le Mans "Mizuno"
1990 Le Mans "Primagaz"
1991 Le Mans "NISSEKI"
1991 Le Mans "0123"
1991 Le Mans "Primagaz"
1993 Le Mans "FAT"
1989 Le Mans "Blaupunkt" #8
1987 Le Mans "Fortuna"
1987 Le Mans "Rothmans/Canada"
1990 Le Mans "Blaupunkt"
1987 Le Mans "PRIMAGAZ"
1988 Le Mans "Blaupunkt"
1988 Le Mans "REPSOL/CAMEL"
1989 Le Mans "REPSOL"
1986-87 JSPC "FROM A"
1988 JSPC "Rothmans"
1989 JSPC "BA-TSU"
1994 JGTC "Taisan"
1990 WSPC "FAT"

Kind regards


· Russell Sheldon
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More 956 / 962C trivia...

Team Taisan actually raced a Porsche 962C in Class 1 of the 1994 JGTC series, alongside the Nissan Skyline GT-R's, Toyota Supra's, Porsche Carrera RSR's, etc.

The car was driven by Anthony Reid, who finished fifth in the championship. The series was won by the Hoshino Racing Nissan Skyline GT-R of Masahiko Kageyama, who also won the championship in 1993 and 1995.

Kind regards


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550rs Thanks a buch for that video link! It brought me right back to when I was into GPL and used to try to push those 67 GP cars to the limit. I have a vague memory of coming down to 8.07 min... That was great fun
. but extremely hard and time consuming...

Thanks for another great article David
! I remember you too from the GPL days. Do you still race?

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