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Does any body know if there are any cars available (RTR form preferably), or coming soon, to race against the Porsche 956 (other than another 956/962).

I would like to see someone do the only serious oppostion to Porsche for Group C honours in the early years - the Lancia LC2.

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The March GTP should come late 2004 /early 2005 (Revell), Slot-It have just shown the prototype of a Sauber Mercedes C9 (I hope they make the AEG livery even though it was a C8 - very close to the C9).

Otherwise, nothing has been announced.

I eagerly await TWR's Silk Cut Jaguars and then some Nissans and some Toyotas would be great too.

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QUOTE (howmet tx @ 10 Feb 2004, 04:06 PM)By the way Johnny, what means this NEC Asprea Tennents thingy? Tinned lager at the National Exhibition Centre behind the aspidestra?
We only did Greek at Eton, don'tcha know......
QUOTE what means this NEC Asprea Tennents thingy?

Courage, my friend, courage (come to think of it, that is a beer, isn't it?)

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