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I have stripped a PORSCHE C125 and was wanting to give it a new paint job and custom decals etc but have been looking for inspiration to no avail

i thought i would ask you guys for some ideas any help would as always be much appreciated
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hello PAULH

Well why not go with a solid paint, let´s say dark grey. And then put just a few decals on the car, maybe on the front spoiler and side spoiler´s. I guess it would be "less is more". Just an ideá. Do not know if this helped you with the inspiration, but i had to give it a try.


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Hello again Paul

A "brilliant" ideá...hmmm.. If you have your own permanant track, name and a logo of it. You could use that on the decals on your car
. When it comes to the colour of the car i still would stick to...
dark grey.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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