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Porsche challenge prep

Over the past few yrs of the slot tech Porsche challenge I have noticed a lot of the guys that are not too familiar with routed tracks struggle a bit to find a good set up so here's a short article on set up which might come in useful
The car described here is one I use for club nights but has been raced at the Pendle round by Chris Crewe 2 yrs in succession with good results finishing 2nd last yr to Nick Hirst and 8th this yr now taking into account that although Chris knows the track he's not a regular competitor at Pendle as he concentrates his time on slot stox.
The car is basically a very standard Proslot gt 3 right down to the plastic gears and rear wheels.
First thing to do with a Proslot or Policar is to strip it down because it wont be straight. Put the chassis on a flat surface and you will see what I mean, next a careful use of very hot water will correct any defects just make sure the thing is flat. Next temporarily clip the motor carrier back in and glue the small tongue down at the front to the chassis disguarding the rubber mount this will let the motor sit lower and stop the thing bobbling under power.
I chose to keep the plastic spur gear but replaced the axle with a drill blank, it's very important to run the rear axle as true as possible.
Next I glued the rear tyres onto the rims and turned them down to 19 mm on a Hudy tyre machine I also reduced the width to 10 mm and radiused the out side edge so the car would slide a little rather than roll. The rear axle and gear could then be fitted to the car. When fitting a push on gear it's always a good idea to use a dab of super glue to make sure it stays put.
Next the front axle its very important with Proslots that they run on the guide and not the front wheels as you'll get lots of pick up problems so I use a set of Gom low profiles on slot-it plastic rims varnished with black nail polish these just skim the track surface leaving all the pressure on the guide only touching fully to stabilize the car in the corners
I next added a bit off lead behind the guide where the magnet would be some times this is all you need but in this instance 2 extra strips were also use in front of he motor to add stability
The motor.
Contrary to disbelief is a standard slot-it v12 /25000 b fitted with a 13 tooth pinion just glued in to make it reliable.

Setting it up
Care should be taken when setting the body on the chassis as it too may be as twisted as the chassis was again a little hot water will sort it out, take special care that the rear wheels don't foul the arches and none of the lead or wiring foul the interior. Screw the body up tight and then back the screws off ½ turn to set the body rock.
Tyre treatment
You will have notice I have not suggested a change of tyre on this car, that's because there's nothing wrong with the Proslot rubber its probably still the best you can use.
Just rub 3 in one oil into the rear tyres over a few days letting it soak in don't go mad or you'll ruin the tyre and it will swell too much just let it soak up as much as it needs and you'll end up with a soft and sticky tyre. Wipe the residue off with a lint free cloth and clean the tyre with a piece of stick tape just by rolling it over it. Its important not to run wet tyres on the track, as you'll just ruin the grip for every one else as well as your self.
Lightly lube the gears and bearing and your ready to go, there's no reason why a good proslot cant still make the grade and I'm sure there's plenty still out there that can


· Alan Tadd
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Graham...That's very interesting, and all makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever tried your method of tyre treatment, i.e. the 3 in 1, on something like the Ninco Classic tyres, do you think it would improve grip?...


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