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Well, I havnt got results yet, but I can give a quick run down of the day.

After arrived various envelopes were handed to me with parts in to finsh my car slot it rear axle...

then after faffing about a bit, fitting parts chatting to rr3.9 and BSN and miniBSN I went for a trundle.. hmm works ok.. oh look tyres are getting torn to shreds must preserve, back to the box, slip on some ortmanns complete a slow lap and a bit come off decide their useless, slip on some P2's as per Mr Rowlands suggestion.. hmm works well lets stick with it. so i did amounting a 1st,2nd, two 3rds and a something else which is best left forgotten, all in all i dropped 1 lap out of the 90 that were avaliable in race time.

last race mini BSN took me off rr3.9 went, got taken off 30 thousand times or it felt like it, driver stright was bumpier than our club track used to be in summer! so half throttle etc etc..

so after all that, I ended up in group b final.. other groups were a,c,d,e,f for adults and a,b,c for juniors. I got away and crashed, was second I think neil from pendle took the lead and crashed so I was back in the lead then I slipped up driving at 130% or something stupid to keep up should I have done that

anywho, managed to crash again which left me floundering in 4th, behind neil, Rowland and sorry but I cant remember your name in second so I plugged away and on the last lap went a bit mental cought up to rowland, who was chasing 2nd who was chasing 3rd and ended up crossing the line within seconds of each toher and this really was the story of the group b finalists, 4 cars all fly racer GT1's within a second of each other.. now that was a close race!

Mooster is now laughing as he knows that Rowland got 9th and I was in 10th in the senior group overall provisionally, but I think beat me by the length of his car.. interesting! I'll get some pics up later aswell.


like to say thanks to Jim Brown and Malcolm Scotto for holding the event and the other contributors
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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