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The Porsche F1 story is predominantly about the 804, it was the only purpose built chassis they produced for the category. They had updated an F2 chassis for the 1961 season but the 1962 804 was a really serious and competitive design and Dan Gurney won the French GP that year.

The car was fitted with a flat-eight air cooled engine designated Typ 753 and with it's boxer configuration and use of magnesium gave a very low centre of gravity - the engineering was beautiful as is always the case with Porsche, the intricate crankshaft took a specialist supplier 9 months to produce and each engine required 220 man hours of assembly!

The neat chassis got to within 20lbs of the formula's weight limit but gained weight during the season as numerous modifications were made.

Cooper had won the 1960 world championship on a £10,000 budget but Porsche spent £550,000 developing their 1961/62 GP team so I think we can all understand why they pulled the plug on the project.

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