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· Russell Sheldon
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Here's an official release from

Important announcement regarding the Porsche NewMan 'Le Mans Winners' collection:-

We have good news and bad news:

The good news is: the cars have been shipped to the distributors and
they are beautiful. Many distributors already have the cars in their hands.

The bad news is: the car, due to an error whose responsibility is
entirely ours, comes with the wrong tyres: the car itself raced with
DUNLOP tyres, while the model comes with GOODYEAR tyres, unfortunately.
Please see attached image

We have incredibly missed the mistake in the production samples and all
the cars have been shipped with this very unfortunate feature.

So, we have asked all the distributors to stop sales of the cars they
have until they'll receive the correct tyres. A small bag with 4 tyres,
2 front+2 rear, properly marked 'Dunlop', will be found inside the box,
ready to be put in place of the wrong ones.

This will take approximately one week.

We deeply apologize with the distributors, shop owners and customers for
this very unfortunate occurence

I take the opportunity to show a picture of the 'Spirit of America'
decoration, due out in october.

Best regards

Maurizio Ferrari
Galileo Engineering
Via Cavallotti 16
I-42100 Reggio Emilia
P.IVA I-01799760358
Ph +390522516244
Ph/Fax +390522920496 is a trademark of Galileo Engineering


· Russell Sheldon
2,846 Posts
Another interesting -- confusing! -- picture. Johansson and Shlesser drove the #8 Joest NewMan Porsche in the 1984 Le Mans 24 Hours..... This picture has 'Goodyear' on the nose of the car...

Kind regards

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