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Looks to me like we get a bonus extra set of tires. It is nice that they are correcting the perceived "problem". It usually doesn't take that long for the lettering to get rubbed off the sidewalls anyway. I know there are sticklers who would complain, and they SHOULD get it right. This way they can keep the correct tires for show and the goodyears for go.

The biggest problem I have is that Maurizio doesn't release new models fast enough to get more of my money. As far as I am concerned, he can keep 'em coming, and I will keep paying.

Thanks for sticking with one kind of car. After the 962, Sauber, Nissan, please bring the Jaguar and Mazda. There may be some other obscure models that would be cool, but the Jag and Mazda are historically significant to the era and series.

Can't wait to see what you turn your sights on after that!
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