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No 7 and 8 have been sister cars - running in the same livery and with same technical equipment! The cooling ducts have been removeable - just depending on the tracks / brake necessities. This is the livery SlotIt based it's model upon - even if it shows the other No.....

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Well then I guess it will remain a mystery forever...

With the likely explaination that it ran in 1984 with Dunlops and changed sometime after that... probably before the 1985 race. What do you think?


PS. I never actually said it before, but cheers for all the extra work that you put into this Maurizio. I don't know anyone else that would do it.

But don't think we expect this everytime, it's still an effort over and above the rest. And I'm sure you would have no complaints if the car was sold with the wrong tyres. On another note, can we have the Sauber next please?

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I (and many others I bet) don't care which tires were used on the real car: please put those cars out on the market NOW! We have been waiting long enough

You can always offer the Dunlop tires on request when they are ready (for those who have to have them)

Important questions:
1- what type are the New Man tires: P1,P2 (or P3)?
2- wich tipe do you suggest for Carrera track?
Keep up the outstanding work you are doing and please put the New Man out now!
And the Nissan,Mercedes and Jaguar before Christmas!!!)
Best regards

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Great work Maurizio!!! I really like your attention to detail, and like others have mentioned before, my only "complaint" is that you should release more cars...
Not really a complaint
! And, please bring out that Sauber soon, and a nice XJR9 Jaguar to partner it
. Keep up the good work and I'l l faithfully buy your little wonders!


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I do own a copy of the John Allen "Porsche 956/962" pub 1988 (one of my favorite Porsche race car books; but unrelated to "Porsche 956/962 - The enduring champions" by Peter Morgan pub 2003) and would be happy to check this information for you.

IIRC, Joest won LeMans 1985 in similar to 1984 "NewMan" (jeans) livery, and I believe again used Dunlop Tyres.

(1984 Livery)

(1985 Livery)

I also have scans of the Studio 27 1/24 decal placement sheets for the 1984 and 1985 LeMans winners which quite clearly show the Dunlop markings on tyre/body.

Now in 1986, Joest did use GoodYear tyres and the upcoming "Spirit of America" offering from Slot.It should be thus equipped.

One must be careful when referencing cars in museums or at historic racing events because they frequently are not original specification or livery.

BTW, the 962C (in long tail form) won the 1986 LeMans in Rothmans Livery.

Thank you for your fine products and much success in the future.

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G'day Maurizio

According to Peter Morgan's book, you can imply that the '84 car ran Dunlops and switched to Goodyears for 1985. There is this quote, page 105 of Morgan's Porsche 956/962 book:

"Another detail to change in 1985 was that the Joest team ran with Goodyear tyres, like several other top 956 runners. This was another carefully considered strategy to find an advantage over the Weissach cars".

Morgan then explains why with a quote that appears to be from Joest himself.


PS I hear from Jim the Aus Slot.It distributor that you're sending a specially trained Hawaiian Tropic girl out to personally fit replacement tyres to our cars. Thanks.

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QUOTE I Have got a carrera track and p2s work fine When you use tyre treatment 3in 1 or suntan lotion

P3s are better when you are not allowed to add stuff to the tyrtes or track...

Swiss Race Bahn allows no additives, not even WD40.

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Another interesting -- confusing! -- picture. Johansson and Shlesser drove the #8 Joest NewMan Porsche in the 1984 Le Mans 24 Hours..... This picture has 'Goodyear' on the nose of the car...

Kind regards


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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 18 Sep 2004, 10:41)Swiss Race Bahn allows no additives, not even WD40.
You reading this Jexy!

So that's no smoking and no obnoxious concoctions, you strange additive buying person, you!

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Thanks Maurizio!
Does this mean that the ones we received with the Goodyear tires are now going to be "rare and valuable collectibles" or should we just race the c**p out of them?

Jokes apart, beautiful car in a very nice box. Keep'en coming!
Best regards,

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