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Our own Lotus03 Andy Tomlin looking at his shoes

Mr Grah1 behaving himself and explaining something to Jim, quite what I'm not too sure.

Random track pic

Junior race end, all smiles

Young James Junior Racer Johnson and Grah1 fooling about with Tom Chilterns rear bumper off his BTCC Civic

Mick lord in the middle - what cheek! Half of Difflock on the far end

that muppet Dr Sticky aka Rob Lyons

Sums up Grah1's day - broken but might have worked.

Steve Rigg at his best post race

Corsacarrally's (nick hurst) worst race - white guide was a fault after the warnings

Oi that Porsche is creeping forward!

Lotus trying to look focussed

J.Dee's black 956 sitting ready in waiting for the off.

Thats all folks - enjoy!

oh no I forgot Diff doing his best to understand what Nick was wittering on about


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QUOTE Lotus trying to look focussed

More so than it appears you are able to with the camera!

Cheers for putting in all the best pictures of me.

If you don't get the JJR and Grah1 picture... you just had to be there.

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