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Portable Digital Routed Track

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I've been thinking about experimenting with a portable digital routed (PDR) track. The easiest approach, I think, would be to rout the track, and then drop in the plastic digital pieces. Given my constraints, it would have to be portable. I'm thinking that two 5'x3' sections combining to make 10'x3' (that is about 3.5m x 1m) would make a significant size for fun racing, but small enough to put in the back of my van or store under my current table. I'm thinking (of course) of a rally type track with some small elevation changes. Here are two preliminary plans that I drafted. I'm leaning toward plan #2 because it's simpler to make as my first go at this. I'd love to have any comments or suggestions.


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Fantastic work Bill: this latest project is turning out great, as we all new it would. The concept of building a portable routed track is just waht has been needed to prove the point that a large space is not a requirement for a well thought out and soon to be beatifully scenic'd layout. I'm watching your progress with great interst as my soon to be nine year old son has requested a track of his own for his July birthday. Thanks once again for being such a great source of inspiration for all of us.

Your track is looking great Bill. The desert scenery base looks fantasic, as does the transition slope from the highway. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

1 - 2 of 114 Posts
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