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Portable track power

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Hi All

looking for ideas as to power a portable track as some venues do not have 240v supplies,

generator ?

Car Batterys ?

Plug in to van ?

It would need to run for 8hrs with possible 15min breaks inbetween

Cheers Tony
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Car battery and solar panels...

...or a hamster running around a wheel

Save the planet

If you plugged it into a van for 8 hours that van wouldn't be taking you home afterwards. A generator running for 8 hours is a whole load of energy and fuel pollution for nothing other than flinging a few cars around a track. The kids racing would breathe in so much rubbish, you'd have to take them hosital in your van afterwards.

Maplin Electronics for solar panels, OK?

Tesco for the hamster
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I'll say again, go for solar panels !

Get to Maplin Electronics and ask about the common sense confusion that you need sunlight for modern panels to work. You can charge up batteries in advance and save a load of cash and a load of pollution. They last for years and nothing can go wrong, either.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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