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"Porto Corsa" (Cars2) Project

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I love Italy (even more than I love slot cars) so I was pretty excited to see glimpses of Italian landscape in the previews to the new "Cars 2" movie. And, while the movie is just okay, the fictional Italian town of "Porto Corsa" that Disney created for the movie is pretty cool. And, it seems like a good place to start in dreaming of a new slot car track. Apparently, the fictional town is based on a combination of Portafino and Monte Carlo. It's easy to see the influences. I'd love to build something themed on this. So, I got to tinkering with a preliminary design....

Some of the artwork of Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 "Porto Corsa"...

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I like the hill climb at the left on the new one.
Looks fantastic Bill. And I'm sure even better in reality than the photos.

Wondering about your brick bridges. Whilst the brick by brick approach gives an exceptionally realistic finish it seem very time consuming process and, as you say, weighty. Have you considered other methods of construction which could be quicker whilst still producing a similar overall effect and solidity? A basic construction of styrene sheet could be coated with a thin layer of DAS Pronto a la Leo Cerante's Modelland Project. Others are now using this method to great advantage.
QUOTE (jmswms @ 7 May 2012, 16:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... building with blocks takes less skill!
I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one to get a laugh from these words coming from you.

I guess my point with the DAS is that it doesn't actually need to be a very thick skin. If you can roll it out thin enough (old pasta machine to roll it?) a skin of a millimetre or two would suffice. The DAS itself is not a structural component. You would just need it thick enough to take an impression. Therefore a little block can go a very long way.

Fairy Nuff.

QUOTE (masmojo @ 9 May 2012, 06:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I just need to find someone to cast them for me!

Victorian style child labour, maybe?
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I hope we can expect more photos of the church.
Nothing to stop us from starting one. Bill can be Guild Master.
Beautiful work as always Bill.

What about a simple water pump for the centre piece of the piazza?


Words fail to express it better.
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Brilliant as always.

Would love you to do some water tutorials for us.
QUOTE (jmswms @ 11 Dec 2012, 12:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Happy to do some. I've done some before on Slot Forum for previous tracks, but these aren't always easy to find. I'll try to give more steps when I do the next bit of water.
Even better if they could be 'standalone' rather than buried in a thread. That way we could get them pinned.
Love the rise on the new section too. Really looks like it should be an enjoyable and challenging drive.
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