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"Porto Corsa" (Cars2) Project

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I love Italy (even more than I love slot cars) so I was pretty excited to see glimpses of Italian landscape in the previews to the new "Cars 2" movie. And, while the movie is just okay, the fictional Italian town of "Porto Corsa" that Disney created for the movie is pretty cool. And, it seems like a good place to start in dreaming of a new slot car track. Apparently, the fictional town is based on a combination of Portafino and Monte Carlo. It's easy to see the influences. I'd love to build something themed on this. So, I got to tinkering with a preliminary design....

Some of the artwork of Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 "Porto Corsa"...

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Hi all, wondering about the size "00" the buildings of scale-scenery will be -what scale is that? Bill, are you scaling them down before printing? Any help welcome. Thanks Jens
Hello Bill,

...woah! Many, many kilometers of cliffs! Guess they take their time?! But they are worth every minute of work!

I always wounder how great your buildings fit the rest of the track. I experimented a lot with scales and sizes the last weeks to get my village done but I am always kind of unhappy with the good old scale-Problem: Looking too big, too unrealistic, even too small sometimes, absolutely scale when watched from near but too big when watched from farer away...I guess my track is too small to get a good relation between tracksize and look of the village?!

At least you did a great job so far! Looking fwd for your next update.

Regards Jens
...wonderful! I love that buildings! You just might have one problem after braiding: You wont build any more, but you will find yourself just driving all the time! Regards Jens
The pits are great on the one hand but they are totally untypical, uncommon, never-seen-before on the other. Dont know what to think about them but somehow they are just some kind of cool! Dont know if they would have been typical for a targa track but based on the cars-theme they are somehow logical in the end. Maybe a genie in the bottle. Looking fwd! Regards Jens
Bill, that looks great! I especially like the the panorama-view! But could you please remove the lapcounter form that place? Looks a bit like an ufo from outer space...
Regards Jens
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Hi Bill...You surely have nightmares about falling from sculptamoldcliffs, dont you? I often reached a point in my sceneryworks were I didnt want any more rockmolding. I guess you are happy this time to reach the finish line? But it is worth the "sweat, blood and tears". The result is brilliant. Regards Jens
Hi Bill. Best thing after you have finished another masterpiece is that we all can happily look fwd for the next one! Hope the new build might start soon! Great work. Regards Jens
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