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"Porto Corsa" (Cars2) Project

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I love Italy (even more than I love slot cars) so I was pretty excited to see glimpses of Italian landscape in the previews to the new "Cars 2" movie. And, while the movie is just okay, the fictional Italian town of "Porto Corsa" that Disney created for the movie is pretty cool. And, it seems like a good place to start in dreaming of a new slot car track. Apparently, the fictional town is based on a combination of Portafino and Monte Carlo. It's easy to see the influences. I'd love to build something themed on this. So, I got to tinkering with a preliminary design....

Some of the artwork of Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 "Porto Corsa"...

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Left half of new design and right half of old design. The old design is way more interesting but I agree with the mirror comment. I prefer the old design over the new but making the composite design could keep everybody happy.

Mind you - it's your circuit so you are the only one who needs to be happy!!!
I am LOVING this thread - the track is breathtaking.

jmswms - do you have a thread showing how you make a building (and where you draw your inspiration from for the actual designs)? I would really like to have a go myself for a rally track I have in mind.
I am loving this track!

Please please please take lots of photos when it is finished and post them here - I could look at the details for hours. I bet a couple of slow laps with a video car will be amazing when it's done.
I don't think I could let this one go if it was in my workshop. Gobsmackingly good.

Perhaps you should think about motorising and digitising some chariots!

Will you let us know where this will be installed (I seem to remember it will be in a car dealership).

I would love to try and swing a holiday nearby so I can call in and see this one in the flesh.
1 - 8 of 269 Posts
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