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"Porto Corsa" (Cars2) Project

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I love Italy (even more than I love slot cars) so I was pretty excited to see glimpses of Italian landscape in the previews to the new "Cars 2" movie. And, while the movie is just okay, the fictional Italian town of "Porto Corsa" that Disney created for the movie is pretty cool. And, it seems like a good place to start in dreaming of a new slot car track. Apparently, the fictional town is based on a combination of Portafino and Monte Carlo. It's easy to see the influences. I'd love to build something themed on this. So, I got to tinkering with a preliminary design....

Some of the artwork of Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 "Porto Corsa"...

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QUOTE (Scootcar50 @ 8 Jul 2011, 20:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Have you at least made a start on the new project yet?I'm not actually done with the Suzuka track... In any case, I like to mull the design for a while before starting the routing. It's always good to fish for ideas on Slot Forum! There's a lot of houses in this design, and I'm thinking that I might try making them using the templates from "Scale Scenes", in particular, the "Low Relief High Street."
QUOTE (Scootcar50 @ 8 Jul 2011, 21:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hope you understand I was just joking - all your projects seem to go so fast that if I don't log in for one or two days then I come in at the end of the project.

Can't go past Graham Lane's buildings.Sure. No worries. I just wish I could steal some of Graham's buildings for this layout. But Graham does certainly provide some inspiration for the idea!
Looks like I may start this project in the next month or so. One decision to make ... Digital or analog? Probably would do it on a large scale-- maybe 16'x5 (5m x 1.5m) in 1/32.
I'm wondering about having a track routed by CNC. How easy is it to get the CAD drawing? Does anyone on the board have experience with CNC routed tracks?

I'm still tinkering with the layout. I like this one quite a bit more. First, it enlarges the island, which is critical to the design. And, the left side is now much more interesting--not merely a mirror of the right side... still tinkering...

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QUOTE (bensonsnuts @ 6 Jan 2012, 02:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You've squashed a lot more road into the new circuit but it's kinda lost some "feel" I also miss that loop on the island.There will still be a "ring road around the island, but I'm thinking that it 1/2 of it would just be one lane and scenery, i.e., not a digital road as I first had imagined.

QUOTE (Ember @ 6 Jan 2012, 02:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I like the hill climb at the left on the new one.I "like" it, but I'm going to drop it as it would make the track much harder to drive and I want a more flowing design...

QUOTE (Mr Modifier @ 6 Jan 2012, 03:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Left half of new design and right half of old design. The old design is way more interesting but I agree with the mirror comment. I prefer the old design over the new but making the composite design could keep everybody happy.Well ... I'm actually probably going to do the opposite, namely, keep the "old" left and use the "new" right side. The "new" right side will be pretty cool from a scenic perspective with the bridge ending into a tunnel and then a road going along the cliffside on the top.
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Well, I think I've settled on the general design. Of course, it remains to be seen how this will work in actual MDF and space. I'm not sure about the placement of the houses, which will have a Mediterranean feel to them. I'm seriously interested in doing CNC routing for the track, if only for the precision. I'd have to find a reasonable CNC router in Los Angeles to do that (which I haven't found yet).

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QUOTE (perthor @ 17 Jan 2012, 08:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks great Bill, maybe I get to see it live in July or will it be finished and gone? Looking forward to follow this one, bring it on! PerI'm no longer building tracks unless they have a "home". In this case, there is eventually a home for the completed build, but I'm projecting that it will take at least until August. The track will be built in three pieces, but I'll won't have more than two pieces in my garage at any one time. So, I'll never actually get to race this at my own place...
I will be able to hook up some power and test how the pieces work together, and eventually I'll finish it, put it all together, and race it. For me, most of the fun is in the building!
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The project continues. I'm working on two tracks -- first, building the scenery (particularly working on some of the many houses) and second, building the benchwork for the track.

Here's the beginning of the benchwork. It's three tables that will be bolted together. I'm curving the ends of the outside so that's something new for me. I'm creating the curved edged by gluing together strips of MDF; I'm amazed already at how strong they are.

And, I'm building a few houses. As in my previous work, I'm using individually molded blocks done with Hirst Arts molds. These type of houses should create the Mediterranean feel that we're going for in this track.

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QUOTE (gokartride @ 8 Apr 2012, 02:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bill, your neighbors must find this fascinating. Ever get any curious bystanders?A few people wondering what I'm making. But I've done several and often work in the driveway. I will put it on wheels to make it easy to move around.
The project grows. I'm working on the right side first. Cut out the routed track and beginning to work on the elevations first...

Then I need to start imagining how all the scenery pieces will go together. Many of the ideas for the scenery come together only as I work on things. Some of it is trial and error. I envision a large palatial building dominating the little island and houses perched on the cliff above the channel...

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QUOTE (masmojo @ 17 Apr 2012, 14:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From the cardboard strips I am thinking you are going to use the fiberglass shell as opposed to Hydrocal??No, you just have to apply the hydrocal when it's a bit wet and work it into the cardboard.

Little more of the cardboard framing done. Put in a little cobblestone decorative road (using Hirst Arts molds again).

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QUOTE (masmojo @ 17 Apr 2012, 14:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From the cardboard strips I am thinking you are going to use the fiberglass shell as opposed to Hydrocal??Let me show you an example of applying the Hydrocal directly to the cardboard. The cardboard just serves to hold the shape, although it does add to the strength and stability of the Hydrocal. But when the Hydrocal dries, it's like a rock.

And then just blend the edges using Sculptamold, paint, and here you go.

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QUOTE (masmojo @ 24 Apr 2012, 13:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>SO looks like allot of brick making goin on!

Or have you been casting bricks for the last couple months in preparation?I did cast a lot of bricks in preparation, but I've already used them all up. So, it's constantly casting now with various types of molds. There's so much to do that I can be doing several things at once.

Here's some work on the smaller bridge...

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QUOTE (Trg888 @ 28 Apr 2012, 14:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great stuff Bill. Pics of Amalfi coast road and Atrani should be good reference.Thanks. Did a Google search--some great ideas!

In the meantime, another day's work, and I've almost integrated one side of the bridge. Still a few details to add, but it's coming along.

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Excuse the frequent posts, but I tend to use the thread as a history of the track build. This weekend, I was trying to finish the bridge and the outer rocks of the island. Unfortunately, I ran out of Hydrocal so I'm off next week to pick up another 100lb bag.

I built a staircase into the rock face here, so I guess we need some swimmers (eventually)...

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QUOTE (Frank T @ 5 May 2012, 17:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>inspirational to all of us. It´s an honour to see your "crasy" ideas growing.

an admirer of your skillsMutual admiration, to be sure.

Lots of work this past week, and it's coming together slowly. The 2nd larger bridge is looking good, but it's very heavy with all the individual cast blocks. I'm sure that Graham's styrofoam version was much lighter! Here's a little glimpse at the progress.

The "High" Bridge in Progress

Working on the Channel

Completing the Rocks on the End

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QUOTE (Ember @ 6 May 2012, 22:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks fantastic Bill. And I'm sure even better in reality than the photos.

Wondering about your brick bridges. Whilst the brick by brick approach gives an exceptionally realistic finish it seem very time consuming process and, as you say, weighty. Have you considered other methods of construction which could be quicker whilst still producing a similar overall effect and solidity? A basic construction of styrene sheet could be coated with a thin layer of DAS Pronto a la Leo Cerante's Modelland Project. Others are now using this method to great advantage. I've tried styrene sheets, and it's quicker. In this case on the high bridge, I wanted an especially realistic look and I have the molds. The weight isn't a huge problem, and Hydrocal by the 100ib bag is cheap. I've never tried the DAS for anything, but I'm an admirer of Leo's work and I'm thinking that I may have some uses for it on this layout. DAS isn't cheap in quantity, and building with blocks takes less skill!
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QUOTE (90s F1 Kid @ 8 May 2012, 22:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is there some where a newby to building can find some info on casting?look here.
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