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"Porto Corsa" (Cars2) Project

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I love Italy (even more than I love slot cars) so I was pretty excited to see glimpses of Italian landscape in the previews to the new "Cars 2" movie. And, while the movie is just okay, the fictional Italian town of "Porto Corsa" that Disney created for the movie is pretty cool. And, it seems like a good place to start in dreaming of a new slot car track. Apparently, the fictional town is based on a combination of Portafino and Monte Carlo. It's easy to see the influences. I'd love to build something themed on this. So, I got to tinkering with a preliminary design....

Some of the artwork of Disney/Pixar's Cars 2 "Porto Corsa"...

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Post-track withdrawls.... "Porto Corsa" is gone. It left this morning. I still get to visit her in her new digs at the Pelican Parts showroom in Long Beach, CA. We're planning a party when I'll get some video and photos in its new digs. In the meantime, one last photo bomb from this morning before she left.

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Beautiful, just beautiful. Hopefully you will get over it soon and the 'itch' kicks in a build anotehr one. Ever thought about doing a racetrack themed one? Since all the ones you have done are more 'old era' typed ones.
Installed! Here are a few pictures in its new home -- the Pelican Parts showroom. At home among some cool cars!

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Quite fantastic! It's been a real pleasure to follow this build.

So the big question is.................

...........WHAT'S NEXT??

(I'm looking forward to it already
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Absolutly amazing! Hops it will come in some produktion.
Wort a better life than in a corner!
Hops it will presuated. Yes You now.
Bump :)

Another fantastic track. The elevation changes, the scenery, and the rockfaces are brilliant.
This has been one of my favorite tracks ever since laying eyes on it. The creativity is fantastic, and it also looks like fun to drive. Those two things don't always go hand-in-hand, but they certainly do here.

You could never post enough photos or video of this track. Looking forward to what you come up with next.
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