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Possible new club in Carmarthenshire

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Are there any members or do any members know anybody who would be interested in a slot club based in Ammanford (close to Swansea) in West Wales?

I sold some non-slot stuff on ebay the other day and it turned out the buyer lives less than a mile from me so he called to collect. As it happened I had the Amman Valley Raceway set up to take some photos of the new lighting setup. So this brought us on to the subject of slot cars and it turns out this chap has already made applications for grant funding to start a slot car club in Ammanford. He is well progressed with the funding, has the venue sorted out including a storage room for tracks and has everything he needs EXCEPT RACERS.

He was unaware of SlotForum and unaware of routed tracks and it turns out he is a qualified electrician, employs an electronics whizz and has a business with a CNC router and a new technology plastic moulding machine he will be using to make scale models. He is now my new best friend!

So here's a shout out - if you, or anybody you know, would be interested in a slot car club in West Wales then PM me and we'll get things moving.

We are probably going to mix disciplines - there will be the Amman Valley Raceway, a new routed track which will probably also be digital but I am coming up with a cunning plan to make it analogue by having a swappable power section and by running analogue in the other direction to avoid the pesky random lane switching stuff. It will probably be 4 lanes.

There may also be a rally track or two - space permitting. The club room is about 30 feet long x 20 feet wide.

Nothing is concrete as far as tracks and club structure are concerned although I would be keen to have some club cars and controllers to try to recruit some newbies as well as established enthusiasts.

Gimme a shout if you want to play!
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Great stuff - see the recent thread in this forum about the proposed club in Milton Keynes, and the Worthing HO club.

In a nutshell, you'll get loads of encouragement from Slotforum members, but few will live close enough to you to give you a viable membership, therefore you need to explore all avenues of a local PR campaign, as has been done very successfully by Worthing, leading to 30+ attendances for their meetings.

My .02 is to start running meetings and build from there. It can be a track in a garage or living room or pub back room, just make them regular and well-publicised, always have spare cars, and always race, even if there are only two of you!

All the best and the very best of luck!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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