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QUOTE (Chequered Flag Racing @ 2 Apr 2015, 10:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>OK, it's been a long time and I used to got to the Settlement Building track with my father Dennis who passed away some years ago.

So I need a list of essential items like, car, controller, tools etc to get up and running. Still have two Sekonda stop watches that were used back in the day to time laps. But I see things have moved on a bit with regards timing.

What do you suggest?

Hi, I used to race and scratch build cars in the late 60's when I was a grumpy teenage schoolboy, fast forward 45 years and I bought myself a Scalextric set from an end-of-line catalogue shop for £37.00 and I was having a bit of fun at home. I found that even the stock Scalextric cars were pretty good, (do ya know they use magnets nowadays? Whatever next!), anyway..... I started browsing eBay and found a whole lot of fancy stuff and bought a few cars as my interest grew again.

Then about 6 weeks ago I found this forum and saw that there was a new club being formed in my area, Abertawe SCR and joined! There are only a hand full of us so far but boy! Am I enjoying racing and learning from a very friendly and helpful bunch of slot racing enthusiasts!

As far as cars go, I would find yourself a local club and see what classes they run and choose your cars accordingly. They needn't be too expensive as most clubs seem to run at least one fairly stock class and you can scour eBay for suitable cars at decent prices. For controllers, you would need at least a Parma but again, see what are used at your local club and most people will let you try their controllers too.

Oh, and analogue is cheaper than digital as there are no chips to add, but I hear digital is a lot of fun too!
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