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Hi folks, I just picked up 2 cars that would make great T/A cars. 1 is the Revell 1968 Firebird, the other a 1967 Mustang Fastback ( I know, the coupe was usually used - I may have one of those later that is custom made).

I've got a friend who is a MASTER model builder. He has built National Champion cars made to exacting detail. He's written hundreds of articles for model mags as well. He would be willing to make resin casts of these cars.

Here's what I've already discovered:

Firebird -
1) The interior would be a flat cockpit copy of the original
2) The Scaley Camaro Chassis fits great with trimming
3) The Camaro's windows fit very well
4) The car would be cast with separate bumpers, and could include the Camaro's rear spoiler molded on.

Mustang -
1) The Scaley Camaro Chassis fits with trimming
2) The interior would be a flat cockpit to make installation of the chassis easier
3) The car would be cast with separate bumpers
4) The windows would be up to you to make from thin styrene, unless I can make a decent buck and vacu-form the windows

Both cars could also be made with a slight 'flaring' of the wheel wells to fit the Scalextric tires under better as well.

Question to you all: how many would be interested in these, would you want the dead stock or 'flared' wheel well version, and how much would you be willing to pay? You of course would have to supply the Camaro chassis.

I've included a picture of the original cars, and one of Shawn's masterpieces to show you the level of his work. He guarantee's me the cars will be EXACT replicas of the originals and better - meaning flash, mold lines, etc. would be removed.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.


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i've got three of those firebird kits. a fourth kit got trashed, by me, in an attempt to convert a scaley camaro. didn't work.

fastback mustang wasn't run in trans-am until 1969 model year. '67 would have been B-Production. at least in the states. A-Production for the big motor cars. I think the cutoff was 305cid. or 351.

looking forward to the carrera mustang convertible with the roof up. easy conversion to hardtop. for proper early TA Mustang. unless revell/mono release theirs first.
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