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Power consumption of a Scalextric car

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Hi there,
I am setting up a 12 meter (roughly) long track for a local Charity event and it needs to be powered by means other than the mains.
I am thinking of a car battery or a small generator such as this one.

Does anyone know the maximum consumption of power from a scalextric car? I know there are many many variables but I am trying to get an idea of what I need to run 1 car at a time (time trial) one and off throughout a day.

Many thanks,
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I have never sat down and measured the power consumption of a Scalextric car, but I do know that the stock Scalextric Wallwort is 14.8 volts at 200 milliamps.

A typical auto battery, when fully charged will provide 13.2 volts and depending on the size of the battery, can supply up to 480 amp hours.

You can safely run several Scalextric cars around all day long with that battery. Just make sure it is fully charged prior to using it and then charge it back up after the event.

I hope this helps.


It should (operative word there being "should").

However in any type of scientific endeavor, we should always lean towards the conservative size. Do you have a way - such as a running auto - to charge that battery? Perhaps a backup battery? Erring on the side of safety never results in embarassing situations.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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