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Power consumption of a Scalextric car

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Hi there,
I am setting up a 12 meter (roughly) long track for a local Charity event and it needs to be powered by means other than the mains.
I am thinking of a car battery or a small generator such as this one.

Does anyone know the maximum consumption of power from a scalextric car? I know there are many many variables but I am trying to get an idea of what I need to run 1 car at a time (time trial) one and off throughout a day.

Many thanks,
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I can't remember were but there was a strong warning about using a fuse or cutout on the battery .......... an 80AH battery will cause serious damage if it shorts out ............

Hopefully someone like RichG or Riko might pass by and add some further a bit later .......
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Well done ...... it's great fun running these tracks.

The fun starts when you get a group of young lads and they get competative. I had one lad who would not stop until he had beaten his mate ....... he must have spent £15 in trying.
QUOTE 150 people (absolute guess) at 5 laps at 20 seconds each equates to 4.1 hours. This is exagerrated as I don't think it will be run for that long in a day. Seems over the top.
And the reality .........."800 laps were done by about 100 people"
you weren't that far out
the second event is the tough one!
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1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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