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Power consumption of a Scalextric car

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Hi there,
I am setting up a 12 meter (roughly) long track for a local Charity event and it needs to be powered by means other than the mains.
I am thinking of a car battery or a small generator such as this one.

Does anyone know the maximum consumption of power from a scalextric car? I know there are many many variables but I am trying to get an idea of what I need to run 1 car at a time (time trial) one and off throughout a day.

Many thanks,
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Just noticed this thread. I have a question...since you estimate needing about 4 amp hours (4 hours x 1 amp),
why would you spend all that money on a 110 amp hour, deep cycle battery? For example, any old $30 motorcycle
battery will give you 8 amp hours.

£88 is a lot of money...I'm just saying *grin* I'm thinking any old car battery that will hold a charge, or a new
motorcycle battery. My 2 cents (yeah, pun intended). Good luck with your outing!!

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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