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I've built a couple of very small motors, based on the Mabuchi FF030PA/PK, although admittedly all I ended up using was the can and magnets!

The FF030PA/PK is only 15.5mm wide (just over 1/2 an inch and 1/4 of an inch narrower than the FA-130RA which is the standard Scalextric, Fly, et al motor) and is therefore suitable for most 1/32nd scale cigar-bodied 1960s F1 cars in an in-line configuration, although I used it in a sidewinder set-up under a Hawk Lancia Ferrari body:

as well as under a Monogram Lola T70:

Because the cars needed to compete with others that were Cheetah-powered, it required some modifying to make it more powerful. I used an Alpha "Thor" endbell, reduced slightly in diameter to fit the can, and a BSRT armature. I've never raced HO scale, so know nothing about the characteristics of the armatures, but figured that given the small stack diameter, 7 feet of 34 gauge wire would be about right for the track power.

The Alpha endbell uses 36D-size brushes and since the commutator of the HO armature has a very small diameter, I had to use 16D brush-gear. I silver-soldered K&S 3/32" i.d. brass square section to the brush-plates to house the brushes. In terms of driveability, proxy race driver Greg Gilbert commented that it drove just like his 1/32nd Eurosport cars.

For size comparison, the motor is on the extreme left, with a Cheetah on the right in the picture below:

Here are the exact dimensions of the FF030PA/PK motor:

As Larry has mentioned, the HO armatures are 1.5mm in diameter and Sonic makes both 64DP and 80DP pinions that fit.

Kind regards,

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