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Stay tuned guys, 'tis I Beardog, got the chassis got the motor got the wheels...full lenghth driver etc.....yes it uses a small mini motor...yes it will accept a
hot H.O. armature...but does your home track have the amps. Al from BWA will show pix any day now.

I've been working on the problem for serveral years, yes the Monogram 88 motors fit...well sorta, but they ain't very fast, and are too high, the old Atlas motor fits...but heavy, if you keep everything very light, a Micro motor works great, it'll run a car with a magnet, and has a good turn of speed.

I have several with BSRT armatures, they are very high reving, have even less tourque and generate heat, plus the don't like normal wall-pack power supplies.

We'll be showing pictures, and have product available within the next 10 days.

Stay tuned.......Chris
Beardog Racing
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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