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Howdy guys,
thanks to Frank @ Slot Car World we received our sample Fast and Furious 1/43 Artin Power Passer set.

Being supplied with a US 110v power supply I went to Power House and not thinking straight at the time purchased a 240 volt-16VAC 1.5 amp power supply, which made the cars a bit twitchy as the correct supply is 15VAC 400ma.

You need to slow down to "change lanes" but with so much juice even on minimum throttle the cars would not always change lanes as they were travelling too fast for the Power Passer lane changer to work and if you decide to check out the 15 Meg video 2:30 sec you'll notice it made it very hard for a very tired Tracey to control these brilliant little cars. I wasn't doing too well either. :lol

This is filmed on the floor of our yet to be opened shops "track room" we only used an oval as it was getting late.

Even tho I have been lucky enough to sample a couple of digital 1/32 pre releases, it was wierd being able to drive in either lane or same lane as Trace on 1/43.

One bonus was if i went too hard and deslotted on the inner lane and the car settled into the outer lane I could keep on trucking. This weekend i'll pick up a variable 240 step down AC power supply so we can get it right and drive the cars as intended.

It sure adds another entertaining dimension to slot racing and even for us who have been in it a long time it'll take some skill to drive at speed behind another without punting them off.

The room is very brightly lit, but you can still see the Fluro lights lighting up the underside, especially from behind.

I'll do a better shorter video on the weekend. I'm not sure how to edit them at this stage.

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