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Hi All
The Luton slot car club [ex Vauxhall club] have purchased 2 of the 40 amp Rapid switch mode variable power supplies with the intention of replacing the ageing 12v car batteries/chargers on there 4 lane BSCRA track. As a way of a test , one of the supplies was wired up to 2 lanes [at a fixed 13.8v] and the other 2 lanes remained on battery/charger supply. A nights racing was run using a mixture of Gp12 and Super 16D powered cars and very little difference was found between the lanes [my impression was that the power supply felt smoother!] and all went without problems. As a final test two 1/32 BSCRA sports cars were run on the power suppy lanes [winds used were 27 turn of 27 AWG and a 28 turn of 26 AWG] the cars were put on the start line and the track was powered up as per a normal race, the supply coped without fuss and it was noted that the combined cars drew about 25+ amps draging down the straight together but no stall reading was taken as the meter reaction time was too slow, however the overload LED did flash.
The single supply will remain for a month or so to gauge its reliability and if all is well then the second supply will be installed.
Oh, and by the way i have ordered a 25amp supply for myself, 3v min is a pain but i will be able to run a load of accessories like tyre truer, com lathe, strap motors Etc Etc without problems and it's cheap!
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