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Hi Guys. I'm after a little bit of advice on a power supply. I've got five wall warts (one per lane plus one for a lane management system). I spotted this in an electronics store and it seems to match up with the thread above. Here is the sales blurb:

3-15V power supply with up to 25A continuous capability at 15V (lower current at lower output voltages).

Inbuilt metering for output voltage and current with extensive overload protection added, such as a Tri-filar transformer winding, high-temperature transformer components, 50A bridge rectifier, rear-panel mains circuit breaker, and a transformer thermal fuse.

High-current banana-style and low-current output connections

Internal heatsink and thermally-switched fan

Metal case (320 x 150 x 145mm)

Duty cycle = 100% for all rated output voltages and respective output currents.

Load regulation = typically <100mV drop between 0 and 20A loads at 13.8V or 15V output. Less than 130mV drop between 0 and 25A loads at 15V output.

Line regulation : For 240V a.c input, varied +/- 5%, regulation is better than 0.1%.
Ripple and Noise = typically <1mV (with 25A load and 15V output).

Does this sound like it is suitable for running fly cars with magnets on scalex classic/scx track?

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