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We in our club are changing power supplies, can someone help me whith this ?
We have a Carrera set ,4 lanes 36 meters, we usualy run whith 1/32 nom magnetics and magnetics, i was thinking in the new DS pro/power 2, whith 2 Amp,
one for lane, but they are expensive, can someone help me?
Thank's in advance


Graham Windle
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2 amps is not enough for 4 lanes one per lane will run scalex motors ok. we use a 30 amp supply at preston for 6 lanes this is ok for scalex type racing but insufficennt for flexy cars and brsca type ,At pendle we have battery power 100 amps + for 5 lanes this is kept topped up by a trickle charger this is adequate for super 16d and wasp power but a bit low for strap set ups but we dont run them these days so no problems .

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I did something a little different for my buddy Dave. I'm an amateur radio operator and I ran across an interesting article, where someone had put 2 computer power supplies in series.
Linking Power Supplies.
My first attempt to do this worked so well that I did a little schematic. The only thing that changed when I did it for Dave was the isolation method. On Dave's power supplies I just placed nylon washers between the PCB mount and the metal case. This was much easier than removing the PCB from the metal case.

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I gave Santa lots of hints but the old fella must be going deaf.. I finally scraped together enough cash to lash out on a decent power supply. This is the sales blurb'

3-15V power supply with up to 25A continuous capability at 15V (lower current at lower output voltages).

Inbuilt metering for output voltage and current with extensive overload protection added, such as a Tri-filar transformer winding, high-temperature transformer components, 50A bridge rectifier, rear-panel mains circuit breaker, and a transformer thermal fuse.

High-current and low-current output connections

Internal heatsink and thermally-switched fan

Metal case (320 x 150 x 145mm)

Duty cycle = 100% for all rated output voltages and respective output currents.

Load regulation = typically <100mV drop between 0 and 20A loads at 13.8V or 15V output. Less than 130mV drop between 0 and 25A loads at 15V output.

Line regulation : For 240V a.c input, varied +/- 5%, regulation is better than 0.1%.
Ripple and Noise = typically <1mV (with 25A load and 15V output).

Hooked it up, set the dial to 13.8V and
WOW!!! what a difference between that and the wall warts (one per lane for 4 lanes). The cars seemed to run much smoother and much faster. I had to totally adjust my driving style to avoid launching cars off the track.
Also meant relearning all the corners.

The true test came with my Scaley Mustang. With just the standard bar magnet I could run this thing on full throttle on all but two corners . Hardly ever got used because it was, well, dead boring.

The Mustang loves the extra power. It is stupidly fast but now requires a lot more concentration to stay on the track.

So I cranked it to 15V.........

And the best part is that the guys I race with aren't internet users so they won't read this. I can't wait to watch them try and figure out why their cars are so twitchy all of a sudden


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