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Hey everyone...I am a newbie here on the forum and to slot racing (except for the Toys-R-Us tracks I had as a kid). I want to get into the hobby with my son and want to do it right.....

I am considering a 4-lane track (1/32 scale)...and am pondering the following things (leaning towards Scalextric Sport Track):

1. SHould I power each lane with a separate power supply or can I power all four lanes with one supply????

2. What power supplies are recommended for either scenario in question 1?

3. Pro's and Cons of (2) options in question 1....???

4. What is the maximum amperage I will need on each lane so that I am not limited on what cars I can run....

5. How can I tell what amp requirments cars have??? i.e. do the manufacturers tell you on the package what the amperage requirments are??

6. I saw some thing son attaching power to several locations on longer tracks....can someone explain the reason ( I assume it is because of the resistance increase in longer tracks). ALso, how can I educate myself on those requirements.

7. What is the deal with the ohm rating on the controllers?? (I know that it is resistance....but how does it effect "the race" or control of cars??)

8. Are there any good books out there that cover the technical apects of SLot Cars???

I know these are a buncj of questions, but, I can;t seem to find answers anywhere else.

Thanks in advance for you help everyone! I am really looking forward to getting started, but, I want to make sure I do my homework first.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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